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What we’re all about

A project setup so young people with MS can come together, show that MS isn’t all about walking sticks, have a good laugh and create something amazing!


2 Responses

  1. The worst oart of having Juvenile MS is that it can happen anywhere at anytime.

    My firs MS attack happened when I was in Mr Milller’s History class at the age of 15 and I remember looking at my arm like it was a foreign thing which was just not obeying me.

    But, despite the fact that my handwriting, painfully instilled by the nuns during grade school, was “going to hell,” I still had to take notes so I just did the best I could and it was good enough that I promptly got on to the next class.

    Despite the fact that my handwriting was now shot, my next class was TYPING which requires far less manual dexterity.

    Neither did playing guitar which I got quite good at. (Actually I was f*ckin’ brilliant at it,)

    I was diagnosed 15 years later when I was dragged to the Ottawa General Hospital.

    In 1997, I had a third attack, which left me wsalking with a cane, and later I started MSB Podcast and I’ve just published a book about the experience.

    Life doesn’t end with a diagnosis of MS, it just gets a bit more challenging.

    • thanks for your response —that is what we are trying to say in the film OK got MS but hey well I’ve got a life to live too! Ive just got to adjust things a bit — that’s why we are off to Lotus for a scary driving experience

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