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Did I tell you the one about the Lotus and the…

Hello again,

It’s been a while since I updated the blog and I can only apologise, but I do have some (really cool) news to bring you. Firstly, Gloria has managed to persuade Lotus to allow us to film in their factory. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Wow, filming in their factory, soooo cool’ </sarcasm>. But the isn’t the cool part (well, it sort of is, Lotus don’t normally allow filming in their factory, and they’ve just got into F1, so I can assure you, it IS very cool.) the cool part is what else she managed to get them to give us. When she explained what she was doing the filming for to the lovely PR lady, they said they would be able to offer us two hours around their test track in an Elise drive by one of their professional drivers, and to allow us to do a few tricks in it ourselves. For FREE. I couldn’t believe it when I she told me. The whole reason she spoke to Lotus brings me nicely onto my second bit of good news…

I was travelling home on the train a couple of months ago when an idea for the script popped into my head. I got on the phone to Gloria when I got home and explained what I was thinking and asked her if she could think of anywhere that we could use for shooting and left it at that. Less than a week later she came back with the news about the Lotus thing. I’ve now got the script out of my head and typed up, and we’re off to shoot the Lotus bit at the start of November with the other part to be shot at the start of January, with hopefully a finish date around the start of March (and before my Wedding).

I’m getting very excited, and I hope you are too.



The state of things

Evening all,

A quick update on where we’re at. We’re looking at doing  a weekend shoot around new years down in Norwich (thankyou BBC) and animating the whole thing for a very funky look =) The film’s going to be around the ten minute mark and feature interviews with young people with MS and (hopefully) some with health professionals (MS nurse, physio, neurologists) to help educate and inspire.

The film’s being made by young adults with MS (no, MS isn’t all about women in their mid 40s who want to kill themselves, not that you’d know the way the media portrays it). I’m looking forward to meeting everyone else (and telling them what to do ;-)). I just hope everyone isn’t quite as silly as me, otherwise it might get messy (could be fun though).

If you’re under 26 and want to inspire others with your story of MS (or just make others laugh) then please get in touch. If you just want to take part, help to make it, same again, please get in touch =)


Good afternoon all

Good afternoon world!

This is the blog for ‘Shifting MS’, a film project setup by Gloria Morris for young MSers to make a short film. More details in the next few weeks but check back soon for more details!

The Shifting MS team