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Who we are

So this is going to become the ‘profiles’ page, we may get one each, I’ve not decided yet, but for now we’ll put me down 😉

Name – Gav

Position – Director

Describe yourself in one word – Unique

Worst quality – My Horrendous Hair

Best Quality – Everything Else 😉

Ambition in life – To make a difference

Bio – I’m a 25 (not that you’d know it if you saw me) graduate from Bradford University. I got my first symptoms at 21 and I was diagnosed October 2007, aged 23. I’m rarely serious and have a tendency to laugh when I shouldn’t (see wedding, funerals etc.). I like walks along the beach and itallian food. If you’re interested…ahem, erm yes, where were we? I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky and love to snowboard, although I haven’t been since my balance went a bit funny. Oh, and I look ridiculous when I try and run!

Name – Katie Platts

Position  – Student

Describe yourself in one word – Hungry

Worst quality – I say inapropriate things at inapropriate times

Best Quality – Self aware

Ambition in life – Beat the s**t out of MS! ie…qualify as a doctor, fall madly in love and WALK around being very happy indeed

Bio –  I am a 21 year old medical student  and was diagnosed with MS in feb 09 after having a lecture on it that matched my symptoms exactly.  My father has MS as did my great grandfather. I love to sing and I have an advanced qualification in scuba diving!

More coming soon!


2 Responses

  1. Hello Gav,

    Nice to meet you at the coffee morning. I’ve looked at your web page. I tried to email you but email address incorrect.

    I’ve got a couple of pages myself: If you do a google search under my name you’ll get a couple of pages of results

    I’m training to become a yoga teacher with the aim to help others with MS, it can help with all the crappy symptoms.


    • hi Karen I have been getting a good response from professionals who are prepared to give the young msers the experience of various therapies are you interested in the project ??? contact me if you want to know more

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